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And All The World Is Happy~
Sickly Sweet 
04 01 09
★ Wrong Number
Sickly Sweet
Yoona/Yuri, Taeyeon/Sooyoung, Tiffany/Jessica, Sunny/Seohyun
one-shot 1241 words
A/N: a bit of happy taesoo for seagull_life 
Everyone is getting a bit sick of Taeyeon and Sooyoung's relationship. Its starting to affect Yoona in ways she wish she wasn't affected
complete fail! and im sorry ><

With their goodbye stage behind them, and only very few solo activities to go, the girls were finally able to have a break and actually spend time together, either as a family or as their individual relationships.

Jessica and Tiffany were locked inside Tiffany’s room trying to make things work (only so much can be done in a relationship based purely on physical pleasure, but hey, that’s JeNy for you?)

Hyoyeon went to go meet up with someone, she refused to tell the other members who, although she did manage to reveal to Yuri that it was a boy she has had a crush on for a long time.

Sooyoung and Taeyeon were of course showing off their relationship all over Seoul, holding hands and running up and down streets and Yoona thought, after seeing a useless news segment on the two, that they were gallivanting on purpose, they wanted the whole world to know that yes, they really do love each other.

Seohyun was with them, naturally and Sunny was sulking around the house, depressed and missing her lover, wishing that rather than having to spend time with Taeyeon and Sooyoung, Seohyun could be with her.

And Yoona, who woke up that morning with a bright smile and a happy mood, was sitting at the kitchen table, confused as to where her own girl friend, one Kwon Yuri, could possibly, she was gone before Yoona even had a chance to ask her to come with her to the carnival.

“Why!?” Yoona moaned, banging her head lightly on the table.

Sunny who had been sitting next to her at the table looked at her confusingly “What’s wrong?”

Yoona looked up, folding her arms under her chin, with a pout replied “Jessica and Tiffany are having problems”

Sunny laughed “Understatement of the year maybe?”

“Yes, but ever since Taeyeon and Sooyoung got together, Jessica has no one else to talk to…” Yoona began sitting up and folding her arms across her chest “And Tiffany just feels the need to wake me up at midnight to tell me her problems”

A smile began to grow on the shorter girls face, and looking away from Yoona and towards the hallway that led to the separate bedrooms she replied “Well, if it’s any consolation, TaeSoo have been getting on my nerves as well…”

“How so?”

“All they do is stare at each other, and jump around happily and eat and dance and smile!” Sunny said angrily.

“And why is that a problem?” Yoona asked confused, running her fingers through her long hair.

“Because I’m sick of all the happiness in this dorm” Sunny began putting the book lightly on the table “And because they always seem to drag Seohyun with them everywhere they go”

Yoona nodded. It was true. Out of all the girls, it has been Sunny who suffered the most. Well beside the youngest of course. Sunny and Seohyun’s relationship was still very new and not as stable as the other relationships and both promised to work on it together, but with the youngest being dragged all over Seoul, Sunny hardly gets to see her anymore. By the time Sunny would wake up in the morning they were already gone and by the time they came back Seohyun was too tired to do anything couple-y.

Yoona smiled as she looked to the older girl “I’m glad they haven’t decided to drag Yuri with them!”

Sunny sighed looking away “Well that’s why I think you should know…” She dug deep into her pocket and pulled out a light pink note and handed it to Yoona. Yoona, with a confused look on her face, took it from her.

“What’s this?” Yoona began

“Read it and you’ll see” Sunny giggled, getting up and walking off towards the room.

Yoona sighed, letting her body sit all over the chair, not bothering with posture but just sitting, lazily. She opened the note and her eyes quickly scanned the page until the end where Yuri sends, along with her love, an apology. “What?”

Dear Yoona

    I know today was supposed to be our day to do stuff together, but I couldn’t get out of it. Taeyeonnie and Sooyoung wouldn’t let me go and they threatened to hurt me! I’m sorry I didn’t get to spend more time with you… Sorry ><

I love you though, and I’m sorry..
    Your Yuri :D

She scrunched up the letter and threw it into the bin. Once they get home, Taeyeon and Sooyoung are going down she thought to herself with an evil smile. So she sat there for the rest of the day, just planning and plotting how to get back at the two.

The sun had already gone down by the time the four came home. Tiffany and Jessica managed to break up at least 4 times and get back together 5 and Yoona could’ve sworn she heard them at least once, doing something other than screaming. Jealous boiled up inside Yoona when Hyoyeon came back with this long, gold necklace hanging on her, its light pink diamond glistened in the light as it swung backwards and forwards. Sunny however, just stayed in her room, she didn’t come out again.

“We’re home!” Taeyeon called as she burst through the door. Yoona pursed her lips as she waited for them to come into the kitchen.

When there was no reply from anyone, Sooyoung this time yelled “HELLO! WE ARE HOME!”

“I don’t think they can hear us unnie” Yoona heard Seohyun tell Taeyeon. There was a ruffle of bags, the heaving sigh of the girls and the unmistakable laugh of the girl that had been on Yoona’s mind all day.

They had this shocked, pale look when they saw Yoona sitting in the kitchen. Yoona didn’t look up, letting her fringe curtain her face, a sly smile taking up resident there. She saw the looks on their faces and just wanted to laugh, but she just stood up, pushing the chair behind her as she did, it scraped the floor loudly, and walked towards them.

As she came closer she saw Sooyoung and Taeyeon doing the same old couple-y things they always do but there was something different. Yoona didn’t know what it was but the way that Taeyeon was holding onto Sooyoung’s waist, the way that Sooyoung had her arm around Taeyeon’s shoulder’s, their matching smiles, it just seemed so different from the annoying TaeSoo that her and Sunny were talking about.

“Is there something wrong?” Yuri asked, concerned at the look that Yoona was giving the couple next to her.

Yoona shook her head and reached out for her lover who reached out and grabbed her hand back. Yoona bought the older girl into a tight hug, her eyes still on Taeyeon and Sooyoung. She whispered into Yuri’s ears “Let’s get out of here” She took her hand and gripping it tightly they ran off into Yuri’s room. Yuri just nodded having no idea what was coming over Yoona.

“What was all that about?” Taeyeon asked staring at the two girl’s back.

Sooyoung shrugged “I have no clue in the slightest”

“Maybe their just jealous of our relationship” Taeyeon hugged the taller girl tightly, and together they walked off to their shared room.

Seohyun stared at their backs and cursed the older two. “I wonder if Sunny is busy?” And she too ran off to console her slightly forgotten lover.

04 01 09 (UTC)
OMG, the TaeSoo is for me, THANKS ♥ : D *suprised and happy*

and this was awsome XD Sunny and Yoona being tired of SooTae being so couple-y togheter XD and SooTae "stealing" their girlfriends XD

and of course the amount of cutness that is SooTae in this ♥♥
09 13 09 (UTC)
Loved it!!! How dare TaeSoo take Yuri away from Yoona!! lol
I would so read any fics by you that had Yoona in it!!!
Please do write more YoonYul! Or any pairing that contains Yoona ♥
06 06 11 (UTC)
So many couples haha!
This was cute, I love TaeSoo so much ^^
I really liked this <3
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