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And All The World Is Happy~
senseless drabble : ) 
04 16 09
★ Wrong Number
Title: Other day.
Paring: JaeKhun (WooHo if you look really closely)
Genre: Angst
A/N: Jaebum POV and may involve character death, depends on how you interpret it :D

Its starts like any other day. You promise it will be different, you promise to forget, you promise no more tears, but it lies, all lies. You wake up, rub the back of your neck obsessively (no real idea why) and you walk, zombie-like and looking a bit on the homeless side, towards the kitchen. The other members greet you happily, pouring cereal here and there, coffee sipping and loud clanging of metal utensils ring in the air and you try to shut your eyes. You try to forget, try to get all memories of him from ever returning but you cant.

Changsung walks towards the stereo and asks if anyone wants music. They all repeat a loud yes but you groan a loud no. They turn it on anyway. Stupid band mates, I’m still mourning here?! So you sit yourself down next to a jumping Wooyoung and Junho and try not to punch their faces out, and the idea starts to grow on you until you hear the song that is playing.

Oh~ miss you baby~

Your heart scrunches in its place as his voice sings the words to you and you can’t help but let the tears run down your face. You sit there for a while, just sitting, thinking, crying, as the other members move around you. They are use to this state and rather than comfort (they did enough of that) they choose to stay out of your way. You walk towards the stereo and press the button one more time, just long enough to hear his voice once again, the last time I promise you tell yourself

Oh~ miss you baby~

Walking back to your room you pass Taecyeon who is smiling widely and telling you it will be okay Liar you pass Junsu who is telling you that everything will get better Liar and finally you pass Changsung again and he tells you that life will get brighter sooner or later LIAR!

And it ends like any other day, you lay on his empty bed, clutching the framed picture of the two of you, the smiles that you once shared, the nights when all you would do is lay in each others arms and you start to cry. Because nothing is different, you still remember, there are still plenty of tears.

i dont know whether nickhun died or went back to thailand, but he isnt with the boys anymore and stuff along those lines >_x;

Title: Dance, dance
Paring: SooHo (TaeJeFany in a weird sort of way...)
Genre: Angst
A/N: Sooyoung POV veryyyy much unbeta'd and slight fail ;D

You look at him from across the stage and he catches your glimpse. You look down almost instantly and feel the redness in your cheeks burn brighter than it should. He’s is just some guy you tell yourself weakly some guy that you have been in love with since forever.

As he comes closer to you, you can’t help but marvel at the beauty of the famous idol in front of you. Given that he is pretty much perfect, the way he styles his hair, the way his cheeks rise when he smiles, the way he slouches when he walks, makes him imperfect all at the same time as making him perfect Sooyoung you make no sense.

“Hey Sooyoung” He smiles happily throwing his arm around you shoulders “Let’s dance!” He takes your hands and the next thing you know your dream has come true, your dancing with him. You can hear Cassiopeia screaming at you and S<3ne screaming at him, but you don’t care. You grab a dormant smile from the back of your head and implant it on the front of your face as you wave your hands in the air and shake your skinny frame with the resident dancing king. His eyes his incredible almond shaped, deep brown, puppy dog, the-kind-I’d-like-to-get-lost-in eyes are gone in his smile and he is laughing his head off and you cant help but blush at the amount of fun you two are having.

The songs stop, everyone else on the stage is looking at the two of you, but neither of you seem to notice, you just keep dancing, dancing to invisible music, to this unreal melody and you continue to wave your hands like a complete retard and not care watch me fulfil my dreams, watch me dance you want to scream out to the other members, to the audience to the rest of the world and as you open your mouth to do so someone yells over the silence DANCE BATTLE!

Everyone around you begins to run off stage except for those who are dancers and you find yourself being drag off stage by Yoona, still holding his hand, still with this smile on your face. He gives you one wink and mouths five words to you as you leave (“Let’s finish this later, okay?”) and you can’t help but giggle uncontrollably as Yoona and Taeyeon hold you against the wall, trying to calm you down enough to get dressed into the next outfit change.

You stop laughing a little bit and as Taeyeon leaves (“Tae-umma! Fany needs you over here!” Jessica calls over in English) Yoona turns to you with this stupid grin on her face, her eyes wanting to know what the eff happened up there.

“Yunho knows me…he knows me!” You squeal loudly, jumping and clapping on the spot.

the meaning behind Yunho's stage name "U-Know" is supposed to be Yunho Knows U so like Yunho knows me.. yeah :D


04 16 09 (UTC)
and I'm your fangirl <3 XD Even if they are unbeta'd and short (and NOT FAIL XD) I love them *__* and I just read the SooHo <3, but I think I have to read the JaeKhun (because of the WooHo *_* <3 my favourite 2PM OTP XD)

but sdkfljdfkls YOUR DRABBLES <33333
04 16 09 (UTC)
i swear ilu bb, ♥
haha~ WooHo.. wahh! the awesome of all awesome 2PM-related OTPS! ^^
04 16 09 (UTC)
No problem ♥ : D I'm your number one fan *start singing on Epik High "Fan"* XD

WooHo is amazing ♥ and I can totally see them like that ♥ and HEART BROKEN JAY ;_;
05 03 10 (UTC)
HOMG. the SooHo here is FANTASTIC!
srsl, stop it sooho shippers! you're killing my changsoo! hahaha
07 16 10 (UTC)
SOOHO is very cute! liked this!
11 05 10 (UTC)
SooHoo are the BEST <3
thank U
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