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And All The World Is Happy~
Our Secret Game: Chapter 1 
04 17 09
★ Wrong Number
Our Secret Game
YooMin; HoSu; JaeChun (CSJH, Heechul, JaeBum, Jessica)
Disclaimer: If I owned any of the characters in this story I would be dead right now ^^, I dont any of them okay? xD
Summary: Yoochun visits Jaejoong in hospital (still guilt ridden); CSJH spazz over Yoochun's return; Heechul brags about his position while Changmin and Yoochun meet for the first time. (We also see the names of all the agents that have died...)
Note: This story is practically an angst/serious story. Well this chapter is. Crack and fluff and humour will come somewhere along the line, and smut as well! Yeah! Yoochun and Changmin... Junsu and Yunho.. smut coming your way ;)


He hates hospitals, actually anything that involves medicine and sickness and dead people. He hates how they have this effect, this nonchalant way of crashing nostalgic memories on a vulnerable unsuspecting person, this way that they can sneak up life changing decisions and he hates them, with all the power he has left in his body.

He still remembers his first visit to this hospital. How he woke up hours before Jaejoong did, but he was already walking around as if nothing happened, as if the world wasn’t crashing and burning around him, as if his best friend wasn’t on the verge of death because of him, because no. It wasn’t his fault, not one little bit.

It wasn’t his fault that the assassin that was assigned to kill Yoochun had gotten him confused with Jaejoong. It wasn’t his fault that he chose that day to change outfits, after who knows how long of sticking to the same blue and white combination. No it wasn’t, you can’t blame a sick person for something like that no can you?

He waves reluctantly to the nurses as he walks down the cold, grey familiar halls. He bows to the doctor as he makes his way out. “He is fine” Dr. Kim tells Yoochun before he has any chance to question further. Yoochun nods as a thank you and makes his way into the room.

Jaejoong sits by the window, an IV strapped to his arm, his head bandaged and Yoochun can feel his heart tighten as he looks at his best friend. He sighs, running his fingers through his hair “This isn’t your fault you know, how many times do I have to tell you” Jaejoong whispers not looking away from the window

“Every second of everyday” Yoochun replies instantly “And stop saying that, if this is anyone’s fault its mine…”

Jaejoong turns around, puffs of his blonde hair sticking out under his bandaged and smiles “Shut up and pass me my cane will you” He lifts his hand slowly, he was struggling by the looks of his face, and points to a corner behind Yoochun.

Yoochun turns, takes the cane and walks towards the older man “How are you feeling?” He asks passing the wooden stick to him.

Jaejoong takes it and looks up at Yoochun “Like absolutely crap, like my insides are on fire, like I want to die” Jaejoong answers sarcastically and notices the change of Yoochun face “Isn’t that what you want to hear?”

Yoochun shakes his head “Fuck no.” He answers in a breath helping Jaejoong up and into the hospital bed. Once Jaejoong is comfortable Yoochun pulls up a chair and sits down, crossing his legs “How are you feeling really?”

Jaejoong coughs, bringing a tissue to his mouth Yoochun can see red seeping through its folds “I’ve had better days” He coughs again, hard and from the chest, he comes forward and Yoochun catches him “Thank you” Jaejoong whispers as Yoochun sets him back against the pillow “I heard…from Sunday…are you going to do it?”

Yoochun looked into Jaejoong’s eyes, a small smile coming across his face “You know I can’t be a spy without you, it’s either JaeChun or nothing”

Jaejoong laughs, a small, dry laugh, and looks at the younger male seriously “I want you to do this, please, for me anyway?” Jaejoong answers, looking out the window again

Yoochun follows his gaze and whispers the one thing on Jaejoong’s mind “Yesung?”

“He was my brother and my best friend; now he is dead, why Yoochun? Why do they always get the good ones first?” Jaejoong whispers hoarsely his eyes tearing up.

Yoochun nods, taking his best friends hand and inter lacing it with his “Fine. For you” He whispers with a smile


“Have you heard?” Sunday whispers across the table to where her best friends sat in front of her

“Heard what?” Lina asks, taking another bite form the sandwich

“Yoochun is coming back” Sunday’s words were barely a whisper but they were audible to the three other girls on the table “To figure out the recent deaths”

“Ah, of course, I mean Jaejoong’s brother: Yesung was one of the victims wasn’t he?” Stephanie concludes her tone solemn.

“But still…Yoochun? THE Park Yoochun, coming back for one more mission?” Sunday repeats, her eyes wide with curiosity

Dana nods “Wonder who will be his partner” But than she giggles “I hope it’s me!”

Lina slaps her from across the table “YAH! YOU’RE MY PARTNER!” and the four breakout laughing over the Lina and Dana couple fight about to erupt.


Changmin tries to keep up speed with the older male walking next to him, as Heechul explained how Spy Society works “Welcome to Spy Society, this is where you will be trained in the field of espionage” Heechul smiles, a glint in his eye “I am Kim Heechul, SS Leader and Head Spy, I was one of the best until my injury in a car accident in 2006 in which I was inducted as Head Spy”

The turn a corner and see the girls sitting eating their lunches, and see Lina slap Dana, and walk to them “These are four of the best agents we have to offer, meet The 4 Graceful Angels: Dana, Lina, Sunday and Stephanie”

Changmin nods, and asks “Why The 4 Graceful Angels? It’s a pretty long name don’t you think?”

The four of the stand up and surround him. Dana steps forward first and whispers in his ear “We are the four deadliest killers in SS”

Lina follows standing next to her partner and adding “We are the most graceful agents, our movements so undetected we could break into any security system”

“We are masters of disguise, angels one minute” Sunday says putting on a sweet smile, “And devils the next” She wears the most evil of evil smirks and Changmin is astonished at and understands.

“We have also gone down in history as the team with the best team work” Stephanie tells him, as she stands next to Heechul “Isn’t that right, Chul?” She begins to laugh and the serious mood that they held while explaining their name was gone instantly

“They are also 4 of the nicest people you will ever meet and 4 of the best friends you could ever have either” Heechul tells Changmin leading him away.

“So why exactly am I here?” Changmin questions as they approach a big screen seated in the middle of a million desk and at each desk sat one agent working hard, writing, making phone calls etc.

Heechul clicks his fingers and a woman in a small pencil skirt comes running up to him “Yes sir” She says as she bows.

“Jessica, get me the remote” Heechul whispers as she pulls a think, grey remote from her pocket and gives it to him. She throws a warm smile Changmin’s way and scurries off. Heechul points the remote at the screen and six images come up. “These are the six agents who have died during action in the last month” He clicks it again and 8 more images appear “These are the agents that have died since the beginning of the year”

Changmin stares at the screen, simply shocked at the amount of people there were “Who-who is doing all this?” He screeches.

Heechul shakes his head “Who knows, but it’s up to you to figure out why…” Heechul clicks his fingers again and Jessica walks towards him and hands him two booklets “In these books is everything that we have been able to uncover about the crimes, the names, how and when they died and things like that”

Changmin takes them and looks at them, he marvels over the amount of names in the book. He reads over them, skimming the names and realises there are at least 15 “Am I going to do this alone?” Changmin asks, his eyes still glued to the book.

Heechul shakes his head “We are bringing in an old agent to help you out, Park Yoochun”

Changmin eyes widen as his head bolts up at the name “Y-y-yoochun? THE Park Yoochun?!”

“Yes,” Heechul nods “Why is everyone so shocked about this?”

“B-b-because!” Changmin screeches again, his already high voice going even higher “Didn’t he retire as the best agent in history?!”

“Thanks for remembering” A voice whispers behind them. Both Heechul and Changmin turn (Heechul already knew it was Yoochun) and meet Park Yoochun with a smile “Is he the newbie?” Yoochun points at Changmin with his thumb

Heechul nods “Yeah, be nice, this is one of his first missions…ever”

“Hi, I’m Shim Changmin” Changmin smiles putting his hand forward, hoping the older male will accept.

“Yoochun” He replies gruffly, completely ignoring the hand shake than turns to Heechul “I’m not doing this for you by the way, this is for Yesung and for Jaejoong”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way” Heechul smirks as he begins to walk away “The private jet will arrive tomorrow to take you to Paris”

Changmin nods dumbfounded, having no idea what was happening. But than Yoochun speaks, his voice slow “Look. I’m sorry if I go really fast for you, but I’m not even supposed to be here. So here are some rules: Since I am more experienced you listen to me and do exactly what I say, understood?”

Changmin nods again, as Yoochun continues “Don’t question what I tell you to do, okay, so just trust me…understood?” Changmin nods again, feeling his neck hurt Yoochun continues with the last rule “We are NOT partners, we are not team mates, we are just two people working on the same mission” He says the last one without looking at Changmin and walks away, without hearing Changmin’s reply.

Changmin stares at the back of his head and feels his lower lip quaver. “Oh whatever” He whispers as he looks at the books pages. The first page is just a page of names, the agents death and their location.

1) Jang Woo Young. Paris- Mission: Take Down
2) Ohno Satoshi. Japan- Mission: Flight Path
3) Jo Kwon. Spain- Mission: Light Out
4) Kim Yoobin. California- Mission: Oxygen
5) Ahn Sohee. California- Mission Oxygen
6) Sun Mi. California- Mission: Oxygen
7) Lee Taemin. California- Mission: Oxygen
8) Han Kyung. China- Mission: Dictator
9) Kwon Jiyong. Spain- Mission: Light Out
10) Lee Hyori. Los Angeles- Mission: Princess
11) Kim Yesung (Kim Jaejoong brother) Australia- Mission: Down Under
12) Lee Eunhyuk. Australia- Mission Down Under
13) Choi Siwon (Choi Sooyoung brother) China- Mission: Dictator
14) Choi Sooyoung (Choi Siwon sister) China- Mission: Dictator
15) Kim Hyun Joong. Japan- Mission: Flight Path




Its was fun making up all the mission names.. even though they make like no sense! Um, this is going to be a confusing story, and im sorry to any readers that get confused, its just the way the story goes... in each chap we will learn about Yoochun and Jaejoong (their previous relationship; so flashbacks and crap) we learn about Yoochun's standing at Spy Society (SS) ;about CSJH/Heechul/Jessica (yes all of them are important characters); we learn about each persons death mentioned in the list above and of course there will be LOTS OF YOOMIN AND HOSU! *throws confetti*
Chapter 2: The boys head to paris and meet up with HoSu who have been working on the case for a while, and we find out exactly what happened when Jaejoong went to hospital~

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