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And All The World Is Happy~

& and all the world is happy
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Fan fiction galore~ lol
.raindrops on the window
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you are the one that makes me sing nothing in the universe can change that youre like a song on a constant playbackThe rain on the window taps the pane like little children's fingers run across the ivory keys of a keyboard and each beautiful note hit pulls at my heartstrings and it finally makes me think of you.

Why? Because DBSK needs a place to be what I want them to be. Why? Because 2PM is a perfect ten. Why? Because CSJH are so overly underrated that it kills me a little inside. Why? Because suju_capslock is making me crazy. Why? Because SNSD can love each other and no one can care. Why? Because I finally am brave enough to write. Why? Because.. just because..
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