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And All The World Is Happy~
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★ Wrong Number
raiiny_nights → ourcloudnine 
because really, it needed to happen ^^
★ Wrong Number
Our Secret Game
YooMin; HoSu; JaeChun (CSJH, Heechul, JaeBum, Jessica)
Disclaimer: If I owned any of the characters in this story I would be dead right now ^^, I dont any of them okay? xD
Summary: Yoochun visits Jaejoong in hospital (still guilt ridden); CSJH spazz over Yoochun's return; Heechul brags about his position while Changmin and Yoochun meet for the first time. (We also see the names of all the agents that have died...)
Note: This story is practically an angst/serious story. Well this chapter is. Crack and fluff and humour will come somewhere along the line, and smut as well! Yeah! Yoochun and Changmin... Junsu and Yunho.. smut coming your way ;)




Its was fun making up all the mission names.. even though they make like no sense! Um, this is going to be a confusing story, and im sorry to any readers that get confused, its just the way the story goes... in each chap we will learn about Yoochun and Jaejoong (their previous relationship; so flashbacks and crap) we learn about Yoochun's standing at Spy Society (SS) ;about CSJH/Heechul/Jessica (yes all of them are important characters); we learn about each persons death mentioned in the list above and of course there will be LOTS OF YOOMIN AND HOSU! *throws confetti*
Chapter 2: The boys head to paris and meet up with HoSu who have been working on the case for a while, and we find out exactly what happened when Jaejoong went to hospital~

04 17 09 - Our Secret Game
★ Wrong Number
Our Secret Game;
YooMin; HoSu; JaeChun
(CSJH, Heechul, Jessica and JaeBum)
In a world like today where love means nothing and what you do means everything Yoochun is a special agent without a care in the world. Still feeling guilty about injuring his best friend (Jaejoong didn’t die you see, he just retired due to his injuries) he chose to bow out of the spy world as the best spy in history. But when spies begin to turn up dead around the world he is forced back into a world he doesn’t want to come back to. He is paired up with a newbie called Changmin, who seems so much like Jaejoong, and can’t help but love him. He is unstable, unpredictable, snarky and talks back. He is unfamiliar with the rules and doesn’t care. Changmin is something Yoochun isn’t use too. Together they uncover a secret society and teaming up with fellow agents Yunho and Junsu they figure out why these agents are dying and who exactly is behind all this...But in the middle of this battle for the spies blossoms love, builds betrayal and back stabbers and unseens surprises lurk around the corner. Is Yoochun ready for this?
Yoochun is the best spy in history. He retired after hurting his best friend Jaejoong, guilt ridden and afraid. But when spies begin to turn up dead around the world he is thrown back into a world he doesn't want to come back to. Partnered with a snarky, unpredictable newbie called Changmin they unravel the mysteries behind these deaths.

Unbeta'd PrologueCollapse )

Chapters: -to be added-
★ Wrong Number
Title: Other day.
Paring: JaeKhun (WooHo if you look really closely)
Genre: Angst
A/N: Jaebum POV and may involve character death, depends on how you interpret it :D

the nights when all you would do is lay in each others armsCollapse )

Title: Dance, dance
Paring: SooHo (TaeJeFany in a weird sort of way...)
Genre: Angst
A/N: Sooyoung POV veryyyy much unbeta'd and slight fail ;D
you just keep dancing, dancing to invisible music, to this unreal melody and you continue to wave your hands like a complete retardCollapse )


04 02 09 - One Day
★ Wrong Number
One Day
one-shot ; 1716 words
Jaebum doesnt want to go over to Korea, he doesnt see the point. He can debut in the states. But sitting on the plane he meets a girl, and falls for her and she single handidly convinices him that coming to Korea is a good thing.
first 2PM fic and im sure this is alot of fail contained within it~ im sorry for that >_<

“Wasn’t there a little kid there before?” He asks but than puts his palm to his face and feel the drool. Mentally faceplaming himself he wipes it away with his sleeve, but he facepalms himself again as he looks at the girl.Collapse )
04 01 09 - Sickly Sweet
★ Wrong Number
Sickly Sweet
Yoona/Yuri, Taeyeon/Sooyoung, Tiffany/Jessica, Sunny/Seohyun
one-shot 1241 words
A/N: a bit of happy taesoo for seagull_life 
Everyone is getting a bit sick of Taeyeon and Sooyoung's relationship. Its starting to affect Yoona in ways she wish she wasn't affected
complete fail! and im sorry ><

Sooyoung and Taeyeon were of course showing off their relationship all over Seoul, holding hands and running up and down streets and Yoona thought, after seeing a useless news segment on the two, that they were gallivanting on purpose, they wanted the whole world to know that yes, they really do love each other.Collapse )

03 22 09 - snsd drabble >
★ Wrong Number
Title: Lets Write Drabble! (Each drabble to be titled later! lol)
Prompt(s): 1. Tears | 2. Heat | 3. Desire | 4. Hands
Fandom: SNSD / Girls Generation (mentioned dbsk and suju)

Pairings: 1. HaeSica | 2. SunYoung | 3. One-sided TaeSoo and TaeSica | 4. SooHo
Characters: Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Sunny, Yunho, Yoochun, Donghae
Rating: PG:13

Length: 1. 304 words | 2. 251 words | 3. 446 words | 4. 586 words
A/N: Had, had had to write drabble~ I was bored ^^ lol

takes up farrrr too much space roflCollapse )

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