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And All The World Is Happy~
One Day 
04 02 09
★ Wrong Number
One Day
one-shot ; 1716 words
Jaebum doesnt want to go over to Korea, he doesnt see the point. He can debut in the states. But sitting on the plane he meets a girl, and falls for her and she single handidly convinices him that coming to Korea is a good thing.
first 2PM fic and im sure this is alot of fail contained within it~ im sorry for that >_<

JaeBum turned the headphones up louder as he stepped onto the plane. He didn’t expect to be coming here so soon, he didn’t expect to be coming here for a long time actually. Training in New York under JYP USA was exactly what he wanted out of his life. He was dancing, singing and rapping every day, going to school and seeing his friends often. Life was good.

Until he got that phone call.

And the plane ticket.

And that letter from Sunye.

And he knew, his paradise was over and gone with the wind. He pulled his bag over his shoulder, it annoyed him how it bumped on his hip, but ignoring it he took his seat on the plane.

There had been some mistake in his ticket, he wasn’t going to be seated in first class but rather in economy class and to top it off he was seated between two children who had been separated from their parents by some freak ticket bug.

Why does the world hate me?

He tries to sleep, closing his eyes and turning to his right as the plane lifts off but he can’t. The child on his right is just screaming his lung’s out begging for s blanket. A flight attendant comes running down the aisle, a blue blanket cradled in her hands, but the damage was done. JaeBum was wide awake already.

Trying to salvage whatever sleepiness he had left he turned to the other side, hoping that the other kid wasn’t as noisy as the one on his right. He smiles as finally something goes his way, the kid is quiet, and not even bothering to look at the kid he begins to feel himself fall asleep

Welcome to Total Request Live! Yes that’s right we are back after being cancelled for this one special: The Debut Stage of Park Jae!

Park Jae was a normal Korean boy living in Korea town when one day he realised that his dream was to be famous and to sing! And that was when he signed under JYP USA, originally as part of a group, but broke away and has successfully broken through into the American market, the first Asian to do so.

Wait? Okay okay, oh my gosh! It seems Park Jae or JP as he is cutely called by fans debut album “Sexy Legs” has just gone platinum, not just in America, not just in Korea and Japan but in England, Australia and even China! He has broken through at least ten markets in less than a month! How amazing!

So here he is to perform his first song off his album, which is amazing I give it ten points out of ten so go and buy it, Sexy Leg’s!

“Thank you, thank you!”

“Excuse me, but your um, drooling…”

“How does it feel to be this successful in such a short time?”

“I don’t know I just feel so blessed to be here right now”

“Seriously, um, your drooling on me…”

“I think the crowd is getting restless can you please perform for us?”

“Why not!”


JaeBum awakens from his dream, blurred eyed and a bit dizzy. The first words that come out of his mouth are a simple “Where am I?”

The girl on his right giggles as she points to his mouth and replies “You’re on a plane to South Korea”

“Wasn’t there a little kid there before?” He asks but than puts his palm to his face and feel the drool. Mentally faceplaming himself he wipes it away with his sleeve, but he facepalms himself again as he looks at the girl.

She is young about his age, long brunette hair, deep brown eyes and a smile that makes his heart beat a little bit. She has this cute aura to her and as his lips curve into a smile, she giggles again “That was my little sister, she wanted to swap seats, hope you don’t mind?” She questions looking at him innocently.

“Of course I don’t, I mean I get to sit next to a pretty girl” The words were out of his mouth before he had a chance to put his thoughts together. The words were true, there were more things he wanted to say, but he knew now was not the right time to be hitting on a defenceless girl, unless she hits on him back.

She smiles, looking down at her lap with a shy smile and pushing a bit of hair behind her ear she looks up and whispers quietly “Well than I guess we both get exactly what we want, I get to sit next to a cute boy and you get to sit next to a pretty girl”

He was taken back at her reply, but happy nonetheless. Who was this girl? She captured his heart in less than a couple of seconds, using nothing but her natural aura, her smile and her eyes, which he continually got lost in. Why Jae Park, why?

“So what are you doing on this plane?” He asks after a battle of giggles, which consisted of nothing but the two looking at each other and laughing and smiling and being all cute.

“Um, I’m a trainee, going over to finish off my training” She answers calmly, although there was a tone of sadness in her voice

Noticing it he asks” You’re sad about it?”

“No!” She says immediately, laughing for no reason “It’s just that I had to leave a full life behind”

“Same here!” He agrees, finally finding someone who agrees with him.

“But you know, I wouldn’t trade this for the world” She sighs looking away, towards the front of the aisle. “I wouldn’t trade this for anything”

JaeBum looks at her confusingly. Why is it sucking for him, why does he want to do something different yet this girl loves the fact that she is leaving so much behind, that she’s leaving friends, family and a comfortable lifestyle? “But…why?” He manages to ask

“Because one day, that’s going to be me” She says seriously pointing to the screen where S.E.S was performing I Love You “I am going to be on stage, I’m going to win awards and the whole of Korea is going to know my name”

“Wow” JaeBum replied, stunned at the passion of her words, but she wasn’t finished

“I’m going to be known world wide, people are going to love me and spazz over me and are going to idolise me, I am going to do what I love best” She sighed happily “And that is why, even though I’m sad about leaving, I wouldn’t trade this for the world”

Flight 26AK7 will be landing in ten minutes. Can everyone please return to their seats, put on their seatbelts and await further instructions

“I didn’t realis-” JaeBum began, but was soon interrupted by a short girl, with a straight fringe and bowl cut appearing at the pretty girl’s side.

In a small cute voice the little kid began “Unnie~ Mum and Dad want you back over there~ we have to swap back”

“Okay Crystal, tell them I’ll be there soon, let me get my stuff” The older girl told her, kissing the younger girls forehead before sending her away.

“You have to go now?” JaeBum asked as the girl stood up.

She smiled, an apology hanging off her lips “Yeah, maybe we can meet again? Some day?”

He nodded as she began to walk away, but taking her hand he almost forget “I’m JaeBum by the way, Park JaeBum”

She giggled, tucking her hair behind her ear again “I’m Jessica, Jessica Jung, it was nice talking to you JaeBum, even if it was very, very short”

“You too” He agreed as he let her walk away and the little girl, Crystal, took her place. He sat down with this cute corky smile on his face and he finally began to accept that moving to Korea was a good thing and that he will be famous one day, and that one day he will meet Jessica again.

The plane landed and even though it took ten years and a pretty girl pouring her heart out he felt like Korea was finally home and that he didn’t miss America as much as he thought he did.


“Yah! Taecyeon! You spelt her name wrong!” JaeBum screamed over Taecyeon’s shoulder.

“I don’t understand why this is so important, can’t you just send this yourself?” Taecyeon asked annoyed as he fixed up the name.

“Its J-E-S-S-I-C-A not J-E-S-S-I-K-A” JaeBum scolded

“My bad! Stay calm yo!” Taecyeon replied, annoyance soaking his sentence.


“Is that, oh my gosh” Jessica whispered to Sooyoung.

Turning around with a rice bun in her hands she follows Jessica's eye of sight “Um, yeah, that’s 2PM, we’re filming with them remember?”

“I know” Jessica began, she didn’t once take her eyes off the leader “But that’s JaeBum right?”

Sooyoung narrowed her eyes and nodded “Yep, the one who took his shirt off at the MBC dance battle”

“I knew it” Jessica whispered “I knew one day, together”

“WHUT?” Sooyoung asked, her mouth filled with rice, random grains flying in all directions.

“Soo, just chew” Jessica began as she walked forward, towards JaeBum.


“It’s been a while” Jessica giggled as she stood in front of him

He nodded, a smile taking up resident on his face “You’ve change, it’s a good change though” He added at the end, noticing the look on her face.

She laughed, the same laugh she had years ago “So have you, you’ve matured into a very handsome man” She said playfully punching him.

“And you’ve become a very pretty girl, well you always were” He answered, throwing his arm around her shoulders and giving her a tight squeeze. “Hey thank you by the way”

“For what” She asks, her tone shocked

“For convincing me that coming to Korea was indeed a good thing” He added in reply looking down at her.

“Oh,” She began, embarrassed, her cheeks becoming red “I didn’t realise I had that effect”

“Well you do and I just want to say thank you again, because now I have 2PM and 6 great brothers” JaeBum added looking to his band. Wooyoung was hugging Junho, the two swayed on the spot as they did, Taecyeon looked at the two in confusion but Nickhun came behind him and covered his eyes with a smile while Changsung and Junsu were giving each other piggy back rides and laughing as Junsu fell off Changsung’s back.



Tiffany and Nickhun both yelled in perfect English.

“I guess this is goodbye” Jessica sighed.

JaeBum took his arms from her shoulders and nodded “Guess it is, um, Sunye has my number and Sooyoung has Sunye’s number so you can just get it off her okay?”

“Okay” Jessica smiled as the two walked away to their respective groups, big, dorky grins on their faces.


inspired by the When I Seduce Jessica vid its made me laugh so i felt like writing a story to it~ ^^
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Love ♥
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heeeeeeee. first 2pm/snsd fic i've read. very cute! i love it! ♥
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